The Safe and Just Cleaners Study develops educational materials for household cleaners to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals found in cleaning and disinfecting products.

We also include resources related to mental health, worker rights, and about COVID-19 to empower them as women in and out of their workplace.

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Safe and Just Cleaning:

A Training Curriculum to Promote Safer Work Practices for Household Cleaners

Our partnership co-developed a 3-hr training curriculum in Spanish, (soon in English), with the National Domestic Workers Alliance NYC Chapter in Winter 2020.

Workers were trained to deliver this content to other cleaners: 

  • Introduction to the process of cleaning
  • Hazard, body, and life mapping exercises
  • Introduction to cleaning chemicals and hazards of commercial cleaning products 
  • Chemical types: Volatile Organic Compounds and Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Working during COVID-19
  • Communicating with clients

Powerpoint Slides

English Version

Powerpoint Slides

Facilitation Guide

English Version

Facilitation Guides

Powerpoint en Español

Guia en Español

Training Sessions

Please contact the NYC office of the National Domestic Workers Alliance at (646) 360-5806.

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